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Contrast Between Wooden and uPVC Windows And Doors You Should Know Before Installing

Contrary to wooden windows, uPVC windows and doors are weather resistant. They do not rot, warp or fade and once installed they will last you for decades. uPVC windows and doors are more versatile than wooden. uPVC windows and doors are generally mass-produced, which means that the likelihood of being able to oblige them to your own style of home. 

1. Why are uPVC windows and doors best when compared to wooden?

uPVC has gradually become popular because of its many advantages over wooden windows and doors. uPVC windows and doors last longer without the need of too much effort or maintenance. We also provide uPVC doors for residential & commercial purposes. Compared to wooden windows, uPVC windows are extremely easy to maintain. 


2. Do Upvc Doors Come In Different Colours?

The range of uPVC products is available in a huge variety of colour finishes from classic white, to rosewood, golden oak. Coloured uPVC doors are resilient and durable. It is also available in a wide selection of contemporary solid colours such as grey, red and black. 

3. Are uPVC windows and doors better than wooden?

There is no need to treat or re-paint your windows and doors frames again. uPVC generally requires very little maintenance. Wooden windows and doors may warp, fade and change shape over time as it gets wet and dries out. This doesn’t occur in uPVC, which will remain in a stable shape and structure throughout its lifespan. At Consumer’s Choice, we believe in providing the very best craftsmanship.

4. Benefits of uPVC windows and doors!

uPVC is a lightweight material, this converts the polymer into hard material to be used for windows and doors. uPVC windows and doors are extremely versatile for designing and perfectly suit the Indian climatic conditions. uPVC doors are very difficult to break and are extremely secure, but composite doors offer the highest level of security. 

5. Are uPVC windows and doors stronger than wooden?

uPVC has a far longer life expectancy. It lasts for many years without losing its insulating capacity. uPVC windows and doors are often maintenance-free which will save your time, money, and energy throughout its lifespan. Our innovative windows and doors designs can be customized to match the taste and preferences of our customers.

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