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Are uPVC windows and doors an Environment-Friendly Alternative?

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Neeladri True Frames provide premium quality and customized uPVC windows and doors in Bangalore at reasonable rates. We are known to be the best uPVC windows and doors fabricators in Bangalore. We are one of the efficient and world-class quality uPVC doors and windows suppliers in Bangalore. We bring comfort to your homes with our eco-friendly products.

Is uPVC Environmentally Friendly?

uPVC windows and doors have been proven to be one of the most environmentally friendly glazing products available today. When you want to offer your customers new windows which will boost energy efficiency, enhance aesthetics, and help to reduce carbon emissions.

Are uPVC Windows Recyclable?

Yes, many windows can be recycled or reused. However, you need to start by evaluating the materials and specifics of your old windows. We’re often asked if uPVC windows can be recycled. The good news is, uPVC is actually an easily recycled material, so the answer is yes!

Based on the physical and chemical properties, it is proven that uPVC is a green material. One of the major benefits is that these products can be fully recycled and reused for production. The products are recyclable and can be reshaped into new products at high temperatures.

Is uPVC Sustainable?

uPVC is now widely recognised as a sustainable option for the construction industry. Old uPVC window frames can be recycled and repurposed up to 10 times without the quality or performance deteriorating.

Features of Environment-Friendly uPVC Windows & Doors

  • Recyclable
  • Conserve Natural Resources
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Indoor Air-Quality
  • Energy Saving Insulation

Neeladri True Frames are one of the best uPVC windows and doors fabricators, as they provide flexibility to customise the designs as per your needs and requirements with the best prices. We provide uPVC Sliding Doors all over Bangalore that are maintenance-free and eco-friendly. They are specifically designed for homeowners, business owners and commercial places.

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