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How To Clean uPVC Windows and Doors?

Discover our tips and tricks for how to clean uPVC window frames and doors in a quick and easy way. When cleaning your uPVC windows and doors, make sure you avoid abrasive cleaners and products such as scouring pads, which could remove the glossy finish.

Make a warm water soapy solution with a squirt of washing-up liquid or a dedicated liquid window cleaner in a bottle. Use a soft cloth and the soap solution to wash down the frames and windowpane. DO NOT use a scouring pad, wire wool, or sponge with a scouring surface.

Here Are Some Trickiest Ways to Clean Your uPVC Windows and Doors :

  1. Use the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and detritus from the hinge mechanism. 
  2. Nozzle with a soft dusting brush is perfect, as this will prevent you from engraving the surrounding area.
  3. If your window is a little stiff to open, then use multi-purpose oil to keep the movement for the nice and smooth window.

How to Whiten and Brighten Your uPVC Frames?

uPVC windows are a low-maintenance product that is easy to clean but, even though they’re suitable for every type of weather, they will eventually get dirty as muck, dust and grime builds upon them over time. In most cases, perseverance and a bit of old-fashioned elbow grease will bring a shine back to your uPVC window frames.

Avoid scouring pads, even for tough grime, as this can scratch the glass and the uPVC. Once dry, use a product like Windex to get the glass to really shine. It is possible to remove the scratches with wet and dry paper using a palm sander. Start with a high grit then gradually move down the gradients. Keep it wet with water then finally buff it. They will look new again.

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