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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Upvc Windows and Doors?

The uPVC windows and doors manufactured by Neelaadri True Frames are the most energy-efficient in the world. uPVC windows and doors are designed to match Indian tropical conditions and are extruded and tested conforming to the most stringent benchmark.

Neelaadri True Frames offers world-class uPVC doors & windows to its customers by giving their homes and offices superior protection. uPVC windows and doors have a certain classic look to them that most homeowners love. Windows and doors made of high-quality uPVC are easy to maintain and require little maintenance.

A Variety of Styles

For windows, popular ranges include Sliding Windows, Fixed Windows, Tilt and Turn Windows, Casement Windows, Top Hung Windows, French Windows, Ventilators and many more. The glass of some of our windows is made of uPVC, allowing us to replicate the classic look of timber while also offering all of the advantages of modern uPVC.

Thermally Efficient
Securing Your Home
Very low maintenance
Customisable Design
Low Maintenance Profile
uPVC Window & Door Price

Thermally Efficient :

While many of us pay attention to features and aesthetics when it comes to choosing external blinds for our windows, there are other more practical aspects that you should also consider. For instance, did you know that around 70% of heat or cold is lost or gained through glass panes, with much more lost through steel frames? In light of this, during the summer a single-glazed non-uPVC window accounts for 25% of heat gain in your home! So, if you’re looking to improve thermal comfort in your home by around 94 per cent without affecting your living space’s aesthetic appeal or having to make significant investments in energy consumption such as double-glazing can easily do it.

Fashionable :

To Compliment Your Home, We Offer a Wide Range of Stylish uPVC and Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors. Our products are designed to provide maximum thermal and acoustic performance.

If you are looking to add some elegance to your home, you might consider an elegant black or an edgy blue instead of the traditional white. You can also choose a range of wood finish colours for your uPVC doors & windows, which will give your interiors a rustic & elegant feel without the hassles of maintaining real wood.

Securing Your Home :

Because they are the point of entrance for any room, doors and windows need to be constructed with the highest care. They are in charge of preserving the location’s security and safety in addition to carrying out important tasks like ventilation. The security of your uPVC profiles can be affected by a variety of factors, including the calibre of the raw materials used, the quality of the uPVC frame installed, the addition of an additional grill, and the presence of single- or multi-point locking systems.

Very low maintenance :

uPVC windows and doors are high on performance and low on maintenance.

1. They are highly durable.
2. They do not rot, corrode or warp.
3. They look as good as new for decades as they are efficiently designed to retain their shape, size, colour, and shine.
4. They are completely termite-proof.
5. They are fire-resistant.
6. They are immune to saline water and moisture.
7. They don’t need frequent polishing or painting
8. These attributes ensure that they look great even after years of use and that too with minimal maintenance.

Customisable Design :

Neelaadri True Frames works with you to understand your needs, especially when it comes to the physical structure of your future home or workspace. We work with you to create stunning, customizable products that are specific to your style while offering a design structure that is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Warranty :

When purchasing UPVC doors and windows, the most important thing to consider is what guarantee period your products share. The UPVC installations tend to come with a 10-year guarantee for ensuring the quality of material used in your product. If your material gets damaged within this time frame (due to things discussed in the warranty guide), your product will be replaced or repaired at no cost to you by the manufacturer.

uPVC windows and doors are amazing installations due to innumerable reasons. When selecting uPVC windows and doors for homes and offices, buyers should remember the points above.

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