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What makes fixed windows unique?

Neelaadri True Frames enriches lifestyles through enhanced aesthetics while also offering varied solutions in acoustic comfort, privacy and security. It is a one-stop solution for all your door and window needs.

Fixed Windows are also called non-operable windows. The Fixed window is permanently closed, so it has no Open Window control. They serve one main purpose: to frame a gorgeous view. They also offer the most natural light in your home. Fixed glass can often make your space feel and appear much larger due to the lack of sashes or grids obstructing your view.

The Upvc Fixed windows are generally made up of durable materials which have a very amazing thermal as well as acoustic properties of insulation. These windows are best suited for places with the requirement for ventilation. These fixed windows give 100 % opening. The fixed windows are soundproof and dustproof as well.

Are fixed windows good?

Fixed windows are some of the most energy-efficient windows. They are unable to open, hence the name “fixed,” and their glass panes are mounted directly onto the frame, maximizing insulation. Often, these energy-efficient windows act as a centrepiece in combination with other windows.

Benefits of Fixed Windows :

1. Best View –

There is little need to concentrate on interior design when you have a beautiful landscape to look at because nature takes care of it for you. Having fixed windows permits you to see the outdoors without opening the house to nature and letting in the external elements. The uPVC Fixed windows are suitable for different places where one might want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the outdoors.

2. Multicolored –

Neelaadri True Frames provides uPVC Fixed windows that come with different colour profiles. In terms of modern homes, grey is a very popular choice. From pebble greys to stone grey to dark grey/black, grey is a strong paint colour for your windows and timber doors. Grey shades can tie the property together for a modern.

3. Durable –

These windows are the strongest and most long-lasting, compared to other types. Fixed Window is ideal for all areas which need high acoustic and thermal comfort. Highly recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, air-conditioned bedrooms and living rooms.

4. Customizations and uniqueness –

Do you have a home that is architecturally unique? A fixed window can be customized to complement structures and designs. This type of window can be shaped or styled at a relatively low cost considering there is no hardware involved or required.

5. Security at its finest –

Fixed windows are a popular choice for houses that have most of their living space on the first floor and need extra security. They’re also great for letting in natural light during the day.

6. Keeps your home free from urban air pollution.
7. Prime energy efficiency.
8. Every home should have a fixed window.
9. Easier to care for
10. Less working parts

We at neelaadri true frames specialise in manufacturing the best uPVC windows and doors. All the raw materials in our offerings are of international quality standards ensuring aesthetic finish and durability. Our well-designed products bestow our clients to build houses particular to their vision and style.


Globally Certified uPVC Windows and Doors

Our wide range of uPVC Windows & Doors are Globally certified by BSI – UK and SKZ – Germany. We provide customized uPVC Windows and Doors which are suitable for both commercial & residential spaces. 

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