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What are the applications of uPVC Windows in Bangalore?

Fixed Frame UPVC Windows Manufacturer Bangalore


The major benefits of uPVC windows and doors are that they don’t rot and are resistant to corrosion, this makes uPVC windows and doors extremely long-lasting. uPVC is a good material for windows and doors frames. Neeladri True Frame is proven to offer excellent performance and durability.

We have an extensive range of materials to make our uPVC windows & doors. Neeladri True Frame designs high-quality UPVC products to ensure a comfortable life both at home and in office.

uPVC Sliding Window –  These windows are the indestructible and the most long-lasting, compared to other types. These windows have a distinctly delightful appearance and are available in a variety of laminated hues.

uPVC Fixed Window –  If you’re conspiring or redecorating your home, choose uPVC windows and doors for the many advantages they offer. It is known for providing the highest level of thermal comfort as well as being extremely durable.

Tilt And Turn Windows – uPVC tends to be considerably despicable than aluminium and timber and provides more benefits.

uPVC Casement Windows – The double seal system diminishes sound and improves vitality efficiency. Multi-point combining for augmented security. 

uPVC Ventilators – Neeladri True Frame uPVC Ventilator windows come with different colour profiles. It has an emergence of a coetaneous modern soft line profile.

Top Hung Windows – It increases the energy efficiency of your home, as newer windows feature remodelled automation.

uPVC Sliding Folding Doors – It contains Nylon rollers to ensure untroubled movement. It is also Termite proof and disintegration resistant.

Neelaadri True Frames’ uPVC products are certified by two globally renowned labs, BSI – UK & SKZ – Germany. Our uPVC profiles are tested for around 24000 hours to extreme weather conditions. We are well-equipped with the sourced machinery of Elumatec, Germany which provides the best-customized products.


Why Choose Neelaadri True Frames uPVC Windows and Doors?

Our uPVC Windows and Doors are suitable for Homeowners who are looking to upgrade their windows and doors, Builders who are looking for the highest-performance, Energy-Efficient uPVC windows and doors for your next project.

All our uPVC Products come with a multi-point locking system with galvanized steel reinforcement. This provides enhanced security, impact strength and exceed EU Regulations on Energy Saving.

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