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Are uPVC windows and Doors UV resistant?

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uPVC windows and doors have become a popular choice for property owners. This is because uPVC as a material is resistant to moisture, corrosion, mould and pollution, which makes both uPVC windows as well as doors long-lasting.

Our uPVC windows can be fitted with varied thickness of glass windows such as double-glazed or laminated ones. These glasses not only keep the house airtight but they also can reduce the unwanted noise and sound manifolds.

  1. Soundproof resistant :

uPVC windows have excellent soundproofing because of the excellent sealing that they are provided with. If you’re looking for better soundproofing, you can always opt for double glazing that has excellent soundproofing properties.

  1. Fire-resistant :

Fire tests have shown that uPVC materials, being naturally flame retardant through their product life, will not cause, support or enhance the development of fire. Unlike timber windows, uPVC window frames do not support combustion, and are in fact self-extinguishing.

Features of resistant uPVC windows :

  1. Prevent dust buildup. 
  2. Every home in India is troubled by dust and increases the efforts in cleaning. 
  3. Energy Efficient.
  4. Fire Safety. 
  5. High Security. 
  6. Maintenance Free. 
  7. High Sound Insulation. 
  8. Maximum Water Tightness. 
  9. Maximum Wind Resistance.

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