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Are uPVC windows covered by Warranty?

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How Long Does Your uPVC Windows and Doors Warranty Last?

Neelaadri True Frames provides 20 years of warranty on all of its uPVC products since we use Prominance Profiles. Our uPVC windows and doors undergo weather testing for around 24000 hours. 

Are Your Upvc Windows and Doors Certified and Qualified?

We are the only brand that has the UK & Germany certified uPVC Windows and Doors since we use Prominace profiles! Our Elumatec, German Machines provide us with products that are optimized to be 100% lead-free & durable for all Indian climates.

Do You Provide Customized uPVC Windows and Doors in Bangalore?

Our Operations Meet International Standards, Including Design, Manufacturing, Supply and Service. We provide customized uPVC Windows and Doors which are suitable for both commercial & residential spaces. 

Do You Manufacture uPVC Windows and Doors?

A minimum of 100 windows are manufactured every day at Neelaadri True Frames. Our processing plant size is more than 10000sqft in Hoskote, Karnataka.

Do You Use Qualified Machines for Manufacturing?

Neelaadri True Frames uses Elumatec, German Machines for manufacturing all our uPVC windows and doors which provides soundproof, termite-free and durable uPVC windows and doors in Bangalore.

Features of uPVC Windows and Doors Provided by Neelaadri True Frames

  • Weather and Crack Resistant
  • BSI (UK) & SKZ (Germany) Certified
  • Economical and Low Maintenance
  • Soundproof and Durable
  • Termite-free and Light in weight
  • Successful Weathering Testing for 24000 hrs

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